BAC Local 8 New Brunswick

Excerpt from the Diary of Fred Richard BAC member local 8 NB Canada

On Saturday July 21/2007 I left from Saint John NB Canada going to Manzini Swaziland Africa on a mission trip for World Hope. After a long trip of 41 hours we finally arrived safe and sound and took advantage of a long awaited sleep. Our purpose of the trip was to build a 40 Ft. X 38 Ft. Cement block building that will be used for a Consulting Center for the local area residents.

The work crew consisted of one local Bricklayer, three local helpers and ourselves. The blocks are all hand made on site with a mix of 30 to1 Sand /Cement ratio and not of the best quality and sizing to our North American standards. The Mortar used was mixed directly on the bare ground and the ratio was 25 to 1, needless to say whatever was on the ground eventually ended up in the mortar mix .We had time off and went on a day Safari around the local area, it was a very enjoyable outing for us.

Three weeks later with all the blocks laid and the roof partially completed my part of the job was completed and I returned to Canada. It was a great trip and I will return again if I get the opportunity.

International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers